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Indian wife plays with construction workers

It wasn’t my fault! It was my husband rahul’s fault. I was just doing what I thought he wanted me to do. So here I am on xossip, telling you my story. Let’s start at the beginning my name is Reema, I am 28 years old and I have been married to rahul for the past 1 year. We live in the ground floor of the two stories building with a big yard in the back. The top floor was empty so we were the only persons there except the watchmen. Next to our building a building construction was going on and it was a 6 floor building.

I guess I should also give you a description of myself. I am 5’6” tall and 55 kgs in weights, I have shoulder length dark black hair, and both I and rahul go to the gym so I am in a great shape. Rahul tells me all the time that he thinks I have a cute figure, according to him I have the nicest butt he has ever seen and have nice D cupped breasts. Rahul is 32; he is 5’7” and 73 kgs in weight. He is also in very good shape and I think he is very attractive and sexy. Rahul is a civil engineer and is in Project Manager post and makes very good money. From the very beginning we really hit it off; we seemed to have so much in common and to this day we never fight. We are very much in love! Our love making has been absolutely great! We both are very open, for the first 4-5 months we were like rabbits. As the months passes we both started to open up more to each other and I started to play his fantasies and dress and act a little slutty around the house.

Let’s come to the main story which I'm writing from my hubby account.

I walked out of the shower absolutely naked, to find my husband sitting on the bed, watching as I paraded around the bedroom. My skin was shiny from a lavish coating of coconut oil glistening on my naked form. Hubby looked directly at my freshly shaved pussy which was smooth as his eyes burned into it. I walked over to my underwear drawer, feeling my hairless pussy lips smoothly rubbing together as my stride and wiggle added to the effect and began to select sexy lingerie items.
Hubby coughed as a means of interruption and said “The windows are open dear…you might be giving a show to the outsiders….” He said with a slight excitement and tremor in his voice. I turned to face him with my totally naked shiny body fully on display; his eyes were drinking in the fullness on my oiled D sized breasts, accentuated by my slender toned waist as my pussy glistened with the oil drenched skin. All this time I was totally unaware about the open curtain and the window “Let the poor people enjoy the show….after all I am fulfilling one of your fantasies come true….you keep mentioning during sex that it would be great if someone show me naked…..” I smirked. “But that was just to make you wild!” he stammered.
“Well it worked on me and today I’m fulfilling your fantasy….” I smiled as I knew today was Sunday and the construction workers were not going come for work today, so there was not a single percent of chances of me getting caught naked. I walked over to the bed and placed my hand on his crotch, he was sporting the hardest and biggest erection he has produced in months. Smiling at him I whispered “See how your wife is showing her nakedness for the strangers…” I teased as I turned away from him slowly. “You can watch me getting ready for my strange lover who might be looking at my naked body from that building….hell yeah! I’m going to dress up slowly giving him a nice show….so he can remember his entire life…I feel very slutty….” I said as I took my black silk stockings with the black seams from out of the drawer and slowly slid them over my legs.
“These make me feel very sexy and slutty! He’ll love these.” I teased looking into my husband’s lust filled eyes. My hubby loved it when I dressed in my sexy apparel for our bedroom athletics. I smiled at him; as he go wild when I parade around the bedroom. I checked to see that my stockings were smooth and that the seams were straight. He just sat on the bed with his mouth gaping. Once I was satisfied at the smoothness and straightness, I pulled out of the drawer my black wet look balconette bra. Placing the half cup over my breasts, the pink nipple was half visible as my breasts nestled comfortably in the erotic garment. As I fastened the bra, my ample bosom snugly sat in the bra thrusting my breasts forward, enhancing my curves delightfully. I walked over to the wardrobe hearing the nylon of my stockings gently swish as I crossed the bedroom floor. Opening the mirrored wardrobe door, I bent inside and picked a pair of black spiked heel shoes, slipping my stocking toes into the shoes I eased my petite feet into the shoes.
Closing the wardrobe door I gazed at my erotic reflection, dressed in the black lingerie awaiting sex. “I won’t be wearing panties or a thong today, as I need to give you freedom to my pussy at all time, for you to fuck me wildly as the stranger watches me….” I said as my hubby was slowly rubbing his crotch. “I like the idea of spreading my pussy for you while a stranger look on…it gets me so horny just thinking about it….I can’t wait to feel your cock sliding in and out of my pussy….and if I’m horny enough….I may just let him inside our bedroom for a clear view!” I stated matter of factly. “You’ll bring him home….you want to invite him to join us in our bedroom…” Hubby said in disbelief. I walked over to the wardrobe on the opposite wall and took out a short leather mini skirt with a matching tight waistcoat. I slid the skirt over my stocking clad thighs and rested the hem just below my stocking tops. I zipped the skirt up on the side waist zip and smoothed the soft leather over my hips and thighs. Placing my arms in the waistcoat I fastened four of the six buttons allowing my full breasts to spill forward. The waistcoat was tight around my small waist and held my large breasts beautifully.
I looked in the mirror admiring the sexy reflection when I caught my hubby staring at my ass. The black leather skirt clung to my ass, shaping my orbs wonderfully. I half turned to see my ass and tits as I twisted slightly. Hubby reached forward to touch my ass as I swerved to avoid his hand. “You can’t seriously be going out somewhere dressed like that?” Hubby queried. “This outfit isn’t for you! It’s for my unknown lover….but if you behave I’ll wear it for you some other time…” I giggled. “Are you serious? You are going out dressed like that?” he asked. “Honey I’m not going out…Now tell me the truth does this outfit makes me look like a total filthy slut… which is the look I’m aiming for!” I said. “Well you’ve achieved that…you look like a cheap slut!” he grimaced. “Thanks babe…Now I want you to fill my pussy with your cock…” I finished, knowing he was fully aroused as I was. He swept me into his arms and plunged his tongue deep into my mouth as our lips locked. His hands explored my leather clad body as he instantly made a beeline for the hem of my mini skirt. Lifting the hem slightly he moaned; breaking our passionate kiss, I looked him in the eye and whispered softly “I love you dear…and will do everything that makes you happy…” I smiled as I stroked his crotch through his trousers. He turned me around and knelt down, lifting my skirt above my ass, he licked and nibbled my buttocks, spreading my cheeks he ran his tongue around the rim of my asshole then bent me forward and stuck his long tongue inside my pussy.
I squirmed with delight and rode his tongue as he tongue delved deeper; I placed my head against the wall and moved my hands on my butt cheeks pulling them apart to give him greater access as he began to socialite his tongue inside my pussy. His right hand snaked its way up my stocking clad thigh and rested on my shaved slit. His thumb and fore finger gently nipped my clitoris and began to jerk it like a small penis. “Fuck yes!” I yelled in ecstasy as he speeded up the jerking motion. My floodgates opened as a huge orgasm burst through me. Riding his tongue and having my clitoris assaulted drove me wild with desire. “Tongue my pussy!” I panted orgasmically. My creamy sticky fluid flowed over his tongue as he lapped my cunt juice from my pussy. As my orgasm subsided, my clitoris became over sensitive and I bucked my hips gently releasing his thumb and finger from my raw clitoris. “Oh you dirty fuck!” I smiled as I turned to him who was now rising from his knelt position. Our mouths locked once more as I tasted my post orgasmic juices. The scent of sex filled my nostril and heightened my desire.

He broke the kiss to turn the video cameras on, I looked at the impressive array of technology and recording devices dotted around our bedroom (which rahul had fixed last night) all pointing towards the bed. “Shall I turn on the TV and you can watch us fucking!” He said, I smiled as he turned on the TV and the bed came on to the screen. “I’ll do my striptease now so get your Iphone ready!” I said he placed his Iphone on the bedside cabinet and rapidly removed every items of clothing. His cock was thrusting forward and his six packs were clearly visible, with a broad chest and very strong thighs. Turning my back to him I stuck my ass high and arched my back, slightly parting my legs. He clicked away on his phone as I turned my head towards him and said “Is there any of this you want me to keep on when you fuck me?” I teased. “Leave the stocking and if you can keep the shoes on!” he smiled. “I’m your to do with as you wish!’ I purred and slowly unzipped the skirt. Placing my long nailed fingers in the waist band of the skirt I slowly slid the tight leather over the crack of my ass. He clicked away as my skirt rolled down my black stocking clad thighs and landed at my feet. Stepping out of the skirt, he said “Remove the top…let me see those tits!”

“Why don’t you take it off me!” I whispered strutting towards him “Then you can hold and feel my tits!” As I stepped closer to him, he started unbuttoning the buttons slowly exposing my bra clad breasts. Within a second he took off my waistcoat and my bra revealing my erect nipples to him. He took half a step back to view my breasts and smooth shaved slit. Wolf whistling confidently, he smiled as he walked closer to me. His hard cock was level with my slit as he pushed forward holding my breasts with both hands. Lifting my left breast to his mouth, he took the nipple between his teeth and gently nibbled. My pussy was resting on his long horizontal shaft, as it twitched and throbbed sending sexual electric shock inside me. His teeth were driving my nipples wild with desire as the yearning for his cock inside my pussy grew. I rocked my hips back and forth, feeling my pussy lips open, almost kissing his cock as they slid back and forth along the hard shaft. Putting both arms around his neck, I raised my legs off the floor, opening them wide as I climbed on him. His cock slid inside me effortlessly, almost the full length pushing itself deep into my hungry cunt. A gasp of sheer pleasure and excitement emanated from my mouth as he knelt on the edge of the bed, direct in sight of the camera lens as our rutting bodies appeared on the TV screen. Placing my cock impaled body on the bed he began slowly thrust in and out of my pussy.
Kissing him passionately I placed my black stocking clad legs around his waist, resting my spiked heeled shoes on his back as he fucked me slowly and deliberately. I turned my head to view our two bodies fucking on the TV screen. I looked directly into the camera lens with lust crazed eyes, my breasts heaving with passion as my hips swirled sexily and said “Oh fuck. Your cock is so big and hard…you’re making me want to come already!” My breath quickening as my words tumbled out of my mouth. I was kinkily aroused in the knowledge that we will watch this later. “You fucking love cock don’t you…you slut!” He snarled as he thrust his entire length deep inside my pussy. A loud pleasurable moan gasped from my mouth at the sexual words he was abusing me with. “I love cock! I love being a slut for you!” I panted rotating my hips to meet his thrusts. “What if I ask tell you to let guys fuck you?” He added, playfully arousing me. “If you say so…I’ll let guys fuck my pussy and my tight asshole!” I panted. He slowed right down and began to withdraw his cock slowly then slam the hard huge length deep in my hungry pussy.
I moaned loudly at each thrust, almost begging him for his cock. “Give it to me!” I uttered breathlessly. “Take my cock slut!” he snarled as he slammed his glorious meat till it banged at my cervix opening. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” I repeated as a blissful orgasm encapsulated my entire being. “Oh fuck this pussy is good!’ He snarled “Where do you want me to come?” he enquired obvious that his cock would be exploding in seconds. “Give me your seed in my cunt!” I panted delightfully a deep throaty moan breathed from his mouth as I felt his hard cock twitch the first blast of hot creamy spunk deep inside my pussy. Instinctively my pussy tilted up to ensure all of the masculine seed would be heading for my cervix. Spurt after spurt splashed the walls of my pussy, as each thrust of his spurting cock took my emotions and sexual pleasure to the highest plain. Almost sobbing with pleasure he placed his lips over my panting open mouth, snaking his tongue inside, making the two of us joined at the genitals and mouth, two separate beings becoming one during a most pleasurable sexual activity. His cock was beginning to deflate as small rivers of his abundant seed began to weep from my pussy with each slow thrust of his receding cock. The post orgasm pleasure his cock was providing, kept my sexual arousal extremely high.
I was on heat now and needed more of his cock and seed. As his cock finally slid from my tight, spunk soaked pussy, we kissed slowly and sexily with him gently caressing my erect nipples, keeping my state of arousal extremely high. He moved down my body, kissing both nipples, tenderly, rolling his tongue on nipple, tugging them gently with his teeth, then moving down my stomach, kissing and nibbling. I was moaning softly enjoying the delicate butterfly wing caresses of his warm lips and slithering tongue. He reached my shaved mound, running his tongue to the top of my hairless slit and flicked his delightful tongue over the tip of my clitoris. The sexual spark this created made my hips thrust upwards involuntarily as a wonderful mini orgasm shot through my pussy, tingling my sensitive clitoris as he kept flicking the tip of his tongue over and around my clitoris. His hot breath only added to the pleasure as my mini orgasm had now expanded to a full blown, screaming his name out loud. My hip movements slowed down as my orgasm waned. I turned my head towards the camera lens once more, looking directly into the seeing eye and whispered lustfully. “Not only a hard cock but a snakelike tongue. Fuck yes! I need you to fuck me more!” The words tumbled out of my mouth as a direct message to him that I was available to be his slut whore if he could fuck me like this again. “So you want my cock again?” He smiled looking up at me from my pussy, flicking his tongue over my clit delightfully.
“Fuck Yeah!” I promptly replied. “That’s fine…I’d like to see some different slut outfits each time!’ He grinned. “You know I’ve an abundance of lingerie and outrageous slut outfits that I’ll happily wear for you to fuck me in!” I smiled acting the total slut for my husband. Smiling at him, I looked into his eyes as I held his semi erect cock. “Lean over and pass me a vibrator from my top drawer…I’ll give you a little visual treat while I lick your cock back to hardness!” I answered, acting for the camera and my hubby. He leant over and pulled a 7” veined replica cock with balls from my drawer (which he brought from Beijing) as I looked at the vibrator, it occurred to me that his cock was almost as big and thick as the sex toy. He handed the plastic cock to me as I began to lick the domed helmet of the toy, looking directly into his eyes. “Did you think I would be this much of a slut?” I teased licking the replica cock and holding the balls with my manicured fingers. “I thought you would be a tremendous fuck…I never thought that you would be such a sexy slut and a brilliant dirty fuck!” He grinned.
Smiling at his response, I continued licking the cock and whispered. “I’m about to get a whole lot dirtier and much sluttier!” I panted excitedly. Holding the cock, I moved it from my lips, brushed it down my cleavage thrusting it between my tits a couple of times then continued down my spunk splashed slit. Smiling at him, whose eyes were fixated on the cock at my pussy opening, I continued to rub the head of the replica cock into my slit and just slightly between my pussy lips. I looked directly into his eyes and panted excitedly. “When I slide this in my pussy I’ll lick your cock hard, when it’s hard you can slide it in my ass while I fuck this didlo!” Opening my legs as wide as possible, I slowly slid the 7” replica cock into my pussy till only the balls were visible. The cock was stretching me delightfully as I flicked the switch at the base of the balls, sending delicious electric impulses straight through my stretched tight cunt. My head went back as a large moan of sexual delight left my throat, the replica cock was coated in my cum and rahul’s spunk as I plunged it in and out of my sex hungry cunt. He moved up the bed, kneeling beside my head, I turned slightly to feel his semi erect cock on my soft wet lips.
Running my tongue around his dome headed cock; I then moved a little closer to receive his entire cock into my slurping mouth feeling his wonderful weapon slowly begin to increase in size and stiffness. I could out the corner of my eye that this was all being captured wonderfully by the video camera, so I went to work to give him the blowjob of a lifetime and thrill the living daylights of my husband. My lips covered the cockhead making a tight seal on the now rock hard shaft, gliding my head back and forth I slowly managed to take his entire length into my throat as his cock slid in and out of my slurping mouth. I ran my tongue on the underside of his shaft, glancing over at the TV screen to see my tongue almost flicking at his balls when he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. As his cock reach the back of my throat, I swallowed a little, creating a suction vacuum around his cock, my tongue tickling his balls as his cock was grabbed by my inner throat. He moaned loudly with ecstatic pleasure. “Oh fuck you dirty slut! You’re going to make me fill your throat spunk!” he whispered through gritted teeth. Removing his cock from my mouth, I looked up to him making eye contact.
“No spunk in my throat just yet! I need your cock inside me now!” I smiled seductively hold his saliva coated shaft. “Do you want me to fuck your ass now?” he grinned like a cat that just got the cream. “I’d love you to stretch my tight asshole and make my ass sting!” I said wide eyed and lustful. He intimated for me turn around, facing the camera with my knees spread, exposing my puckered ring and cum soaked pussy, with the replica cock still vibrating inside me. I held my ass cheeks open, inviting him to plunder my tight asshole. He spat directly onto my asshole, causing me to shudder in sexual excitement, awaiting the penetration of his hard cock. I looked directly into the nervously biting my bottom lip, my tits swaying freely as I slowly rotated my hips inviting him to slide his cock up my ass. The tip of his hard cock nudged at my tight sphincter as the first inch opened my ass and slid inside, my sphincter gripped his cock almost grabbing the tip and pulling more length inside. My eyes opened with surprise as I looked into the camera and whispered. “Fuck yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck your slut ass!” He very slowly and dramatically efficiently slid his cock deeper into my ass.
The buzzing of the replica cock in my pussy was oscillating the thin layer of flesh between my ass and pussy, causing the both of us to shudder and moan in sexual ecstasy. “Oh fuck yeah!” I panted “I’m being double penetrated like a filthy slut!” I panted. “That’s because you’re a filthy cock hungry slut!” He added as he began to fuck my ass with vigour and intent. With the vibrations in my pussy now trembling within the walls of my ass a strong powerful orgasm ripped through me. Panting my orgasm and almost yelling for him to fuck me like a slut, I felt a powerful surge inside my pussy as I began to gush female ejaculate over the plastic cock and out of my pussy, splashing his balls and stomach with my thick creamy fluid, he ran his fingers over his stomach collecting as much of my ejaculate as possible. Moving his hand to my face, he offered his drenched fingers to my mouth. I opened my mouth and took his cum drenched finger inside, licking all of my powerful orgasm of his strong fingers. All of this was caught perfectly on camera as I smiled in between licking and sucking cum of his fingers. I grabbed the balls of the replica cock and began to thrust it in and out of my drenched pussy, hearing every squelching thrust as I matched the rhythm of his cock fucking my ass.
I’ve enjoyed anal sex quite a lot in the past, but the sense of double penetration was an unbelievable sensation and it was one I would definitely repeat. “I wish it was two cocks fucking and cumming inside me!” I panted as I could sense another powerful orgasm was on its way. “I can bring a friend or two if you wish…we’ll fuck you senseless…all of your holes could be filled with hard cock…emptying their spunk in to you!” he snarled, this sent me over the edge as my orgasm burst through me. “Oh fuck yeah! If you wish so bring your friends…you all can fuck me in all holes!” I groaned while staring at the camera. He thrust quicker a sure signal that his balls were ready to empty their seed. Prompting this I whispered devilishly “Come in my ass!” “Oh fuck! You horny dirty slut! He growled as his cock pulsed and erupted. A rather large volume of hot wonderful seed burst from his cock in forceful spurts, splashing against the walls of my asshole. I pushed the replica cock inside me as I orgasm in unison with his convulsion. As his cock depleted, he slowly slid out of my well fucked ass and lay down on the bed as I stretched over toward him.
Lying next to him with the replica cock still buzzing away inside my pussy, his cum began to trickle out of my ass, running down my crack and pooling on the bed. “Reema you’re the best fuck ever! I need at least an hour rest to recover!” he said. “Will you be able to fuck me again?” I enquired. “Fucking hell yeah!” he proclaimed “but this time I want to cum in your mouth if you’re up for it?” he smiled. “Not only am I up for it but I’ll also change into another outfit of your choice to fuck me in! You can take more photos if you want…some of me posing with my legs wide open…some of me sucking your cock…some of you fucking my holes!” Staring at the camera I winked kissed him with lots of tongue action and then stood up to pull the curtains of the window. It was then when I saw a man in the construction building opposite to ours watching us stroking himself. His hungry gaze ran down my naked body and had a clear view of my pussy. My gazed locked on the stranger as he was stroking himself. I don’t know what took on me instead of hiding myself I waved at the stranger and he seemed shocked that I’d noticed him and quickly hide himself behind the wall.

Part two to follow………

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