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Wife in Mumbai Red Light Area

Collected from Net, Original by MenalMausi, This is a heavily modified version

I am a regular reader of all sex forums, especially desi ones. I have a liking for erotic stories featuring married couples where the wife willingly has sex with single or many men together. I am married myself and my wife Menal is very beautiful and sexy with nice tight skin, big breasts with extremely sensitive large protruding nipples, large firm bulging ass and meaty thighs. Menal can easily qualify for porn modeling when she's naked and wearing high heels.

For some time Menal has also read along with me,so she knows what I like to read and all my fantasies. She shares my liking for hot wife stories and likes to role play. One of her pet themes is where the wife turns to prostitution with the full support of the husband and often brings this up when we have sex.

Once I and Menal went to Mumbai for my office work and we were in a taxi passing through the red light area called Kamathipura. I noticed Menal keenly watching everything all around as she saw something like this for the first time. There were small houses with many girls standing in front.

They had gaudy make-up on their faces and lots of shiny jewellery and henna tattoos all over their arms, legs and even on their body. They wore really short skimpy blouses with almost their full breasts and navel clearly visible. Their legs and even parts of their upper inner thighs were exposed as they wore very short skirts or petticoats.

I asked Menal how she liked it, but she did not reply. So that night we had a big fucking session where we pretended she was a cheap whore in Kamathipura. She liked this very much and came hard many times.

After fucking, Menal told me, "You enjoyed your fantasy today by watching the red light area."

I said yes.

She touched my now limp cock and asked, "Did you imagine me as one of those cheap whores? Do you want me to also stand with them luring customers? Tell me the truth, do you want your own wife fucking strange men for money?"

My cock got iron hard to hear this and I fucked her even harder than before. Before sleeping, I asked Menal, "Would you like to go to the red light area again tomorrow?" She did not reply but her nipples were rock hard and stuck out obscenely. This only happens when she is in a very high sexually aroused state, so I knew she wanted it very much.

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So next morning we went in taxi to same red light area. This time I stopped the taxi at a tea stall and we got down.

Menal was again looking wide eyed at the many brothel houses and dalals.

One of the dalals came near us and said, "Sir, my name is Aslam. Can I help you in any matter?"

He saw Menal, smiled lewdly and and asked me, "Do you want a room for you and the lady?" to which I replied no.


Aslam whispered to me, "Mast maal hai Sahib."

Menal was sitting near the tea stall, but a little far from us. Aslam asked me who she was and I just said, "Kitni maast hai meri maal?"

Aslam took another look at Menal and ran his eyes all over her body stopping to stare at my wife's huge breasts and bulging ass.

Then he turned to me and said, "She is top quality item. Tell me, do you want to sell her to a brothel house? I know many mausis who will happily pay good money for your woman."

I looked toward where Menal was sitting and did not reply anything. This made Aslam more confident and bold. He was used to these things and said to me, "Don't worry about her. We know here how to convince and use sexy hot ladies like her."

Then Aslam went near Menal & said, "This is not the right place for you. Please come with me."

To my surprise, Menal just got up and obediently followed Aslam. But she looked back to see if I was coming with her. I could see by her face she was scared, so I said, "Don't worry, everything's alright." Aslam winked at me and also told Menal not to worry, that he had spoken to me and knew what she wanted.

Aslam led my wife to a near by dirt lane. He reached out and held her hand as she followed him through the winding lane, me keeping close behind. I could hear them talking in whispers and Menal giggled and laughed at something Aslam said.

After a few more minutes of walking, I saw Aslam put his hand around Menal's waist, grabbing the bare flesh between my wife's blouse and petticoat. Menal did not say a word or show any resistance.

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They finally stopped at one of the brightest lit, most gaudy looking brothel houses.Aslam told us to wait and went inside. After a while he came back with a lady whose name was Salma mausi, around 55 yrs old, the brothel owner and a former prostitute herself.

Salma mausi looked my beautiful wife up and down. She even went behind Menal and pressed her ass saying how juicy and thick it felt.

She asked my wife her name, to which she replied meekly, "Menal." Aslam whispered to me that he was sure from Salma mausi's face that she liked Menal very much and would pay anything to pimp her out at her brothel.

Salma mausi took Menal's hand and said, "Come inside I will show you the house." Menal was in two minds. She was very excited to go inside a real whore house and see it but also looked really afraid as she had no idea what was going to happen or what I had told Aslam.

She tried to tell me something but mausi caught her hand and led her indoors, and there we were, inside the brothel house. Salma mausi ordered Aslam to take me out for a paan and so we left, leaving my wife all alone with mausi.

Salma mausi came near Menal and asked if she liked the house. Then she took my helpless wife to an inner room and told her "You are now a prostitute and your new name is Zinab." Menal was scared and started crying.


Salma mausi said, "Cry all you want, you still have to obey me. Your husband has sold you to me to work as a whore in my brothel house, so you have no choice."

Next an elderly lady came with a tray and ordered Menal to stand in front of her with her legs apart and arms raised above her head.

She removed Menal's saree, blouse, bra and petticoat. Menal's breasts had swelled in the erotic excitement and the two ladies laughed at her erect nipples and the very visible large dripping wet patch on my wife's panties.

Menal was horribly ashamed that the two old ladies had seen her excitement at being turned into a prostitute. She tried to hide her breasts but Salma mausi stopped her saying as Zinab, she needed to learn to be shameless in front of anyone and everyone from now on.

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Menal was now in her high heels wearing only her small panties and timidly asked Salma mausi, "Mausiji, why is she here? Why have you undressed me? What will happen to me, Mausiji?"


Salma mausi replied that they were going to prepare Menal for her new life as a prostitute.


The elderly lady started painting many henna tattoos on Menal's breasts writing Zinab randi on both boobs, near her navel, on her sides and back. She pierced Menal's nose and ears in multiple places then helped my wife put on large ear rings, ear and nose studs.


Aslam and I had returned from the paan shop by now. I had told him the background story, so he knew everything and that Menal was actually my wife.

As we sat there, we could see Menal’s naked breasts and erect nipples as the old lady worked on her body. Aslam gasped when the old lady removed Menal’s panties and exposed her soaking wet cunt when she put tattoos on her inner thighs and legs. He openly praised my wife’s huge breasts, belly, navel, buttocks and thighs and said he would like to fuck Menal very much.


He looked fascinated at Menal's cunt dripping juice and forming a small puddle on the floor between her legs. He looked at me and said that he had seen many women including amateur couples like us but Menal was the hottest horniest bitch he had ever seen in the red light area.


It excited me very much to have Aslam openly discuss my wife's naked body like that and I saw it also excited Menal even more to hear this.


The elderly lady finished by applying make-up on Menal's face until she also looked just like the whores standing outside the brothel! If I hadn't been there to see it, I would not have recognized my own wife had she been standing in front of the brothel. True, she was much much prettier despite her over applied gaudy make-up, and her fair smooth blemish-less skin suggested otherwise but still she looked the part of a Kamathipura randi.


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Menal was then photographed fully naked by Salma mausi. She was made to spread her legs and smile while her big breasts and cunt lay open to the camera. Salma mausi said she would show Menal’s rather Zinab’s smiling naked photos to clients for choosing.


Salma mausi planned to send Menal's naked photos via whatsapp to her regular clients. She was sure Menal would get at least 5 to 6 customers the first night itself.


Salma mausi made Menal wear a very small tight choli and adjusted the strings at the back until my wife's huge breasts bulged shamelessly and looked like they would burst out any moment.

She helped Menal put on something between a mini skirt and ghagra that clearly showed her shapely legs and creamy white upper thighs. Her arms and legs were covered in many bracelets and anklets but she was made to go bare feet only covered by the beautiful henna design.

Salma mausi then kissed Menal and said, "You are now one of my girls in this house and will be well taken care of, No harm will come to you from anyone as long as you are loyal to me. Stay here and serve my customers well and I will make you the happiest girl in Mumbai. Welcome to your new life - Zinab Raandi!" Salma said showing genuine affection for my wife.

Menal looked scared but also glowed with pride at her fantasy finally coming true.

Salma mausi handed me a big packet with many bundles of cash inside saying that this was for Menal's services for one month but that she will also get a commission for all fucking she does. She told me to come back and pick up Menal after exactly 30 days.

I tried to kiss Menal good bye but Salma mausi stopped me saying,"This girl is my property now. No one gets to touch her without my permission and only after paying me a big fat rental fee for using her body. Isn't that right, Zinab?", she asked my wife.

"Yes mausiji.", Menal replied smiling and without any hesitation.

Aslam led me out and I went home to Pune. That was the last I saw or heard from my wife for the next month. Aslam kept my mobile number and said he would call and let me know how Menal was doing.

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Aslam called me the next day and told me things were going very well. Menal’s pictures had set the market buzzing and she had been fucked and spermed by 7 different men the night before.

Menal had wanted to fuck even more men, but Salma mausiji did not allow it as she did not want her “top merchandize” damaged from over use.

Aslam said, Menal was disappointed not to get more cocks. But Salma mausi told her she needed to observe Menal for a few days and would allow her to fuck up to 12 men a day if her body could take it without any permanent damage.

After that I did not hear from Aslam until a month later telling me to come and pick up my wife from the brothel. So I learned all the other details when I took Menal home and back to her regular life as a housewife.

My wife had good news for me. She had become pregnant from the endless fucking she had received at the brothel.

Menal had no idea who the father was since all her customers had dumped gallons of their baby making sperm in my wife’s fertile womb every night she was there. Still, we were both very happy that we will have our own child.

Menal told me how she was fucked by all kinds of men. She had fucked rich seths and dirty truck drivers all on the same night. She fucked anyone who could afford the high prices Salma mausi charged to rent out my wife’s naked body.

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My wife revealed that even some close friends and relatives of ours, our cousins and uncles, had fucked her. They did not recognize her as Zinab raandi with her make-up, ornaments and cheap whore dresses.

But one of my uncles had fucked her many times and told her she reminded him of his nephew’s wife and that her name was Menal! He told my wife to her face that he always had dirty thoughts about this Menal and would seduce and fuck her if he could! My wife said she felt very naughty and invited him to role play with her.

This drove my uncle wild and he fucked my wife many times after that calling her Menal as he kissed her, sucked her breasts and filled her hot horny pussy with gallons of his sperm. Thank god, he never found out it was really my wife Menal he fucked!

Even Aslam got his wish and fucked Menal regularly. Menal said it was most likely that Aslam or my own uncle had fathered the baby growing in her womb.

Menal told me that mausi did allow her to fuck more men when it became clear my wife could take unlimited number of cocks one after the other. It was Diwali the week before I picked her up and she told me there was a great rush of customers to fuck her.

Salma mausi had by this time grown very fond of my wife and did not want to rent her out to so many hungry men. But Menal insisted and Salma mausi reluctantly allowed her to fuck all the waiting men.

Menal said she had been fucked and spermed by over 50 men in 3 days. My wife was very happy and proud that she took 20 cocks in a single day only!

Salma mausi had earned many lacs of rupees from Menal’s work and told my wife she is welcome to go back to the brothel any time she wanted to resume her work as a prostitute.

Eight months later Menal gave birth to a beautiful baby. My wife is very happy with the baby as she is always reminded of her unfaithfulness to me and her work as a prostitute. But my fantasy is going on. Menal enjoyed her life as prostitute so much, now every year she goes to Salma mausi for a few weeks to work as Zinab Raandi.



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