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Erotic Short Stories

Erotic stories and mail-in readers hotwife stories collected from net

All pics are randomly selected from public sites and intended for fantasy only

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Hot Desi House wife gangbanged by Driver And Strangers

Hello guys, read this amazing dick raising, cum oozing sex story – Hot Desi House wife gangbanged by Driver And Strangers!

My name is Aarati . I am married for two years. My Husband is a big businessman. He works in his own personal office along with his staff from where he manages all his business empire. Today I was going to visit my friend travelling in my car. I was sitting alone in the backseat and our young driver was on the steering. The temperature was too hot. My husband was in his office. He called me to check where was I going. We lived in our posh locality. Our home had large lawns and a garage where we kept out two cars. He took the costly car with him, and my car don’t have Ac and its old one which belonged to my father-in-law. I told him so many times “you have so money, please give me a new car”. He promised but till now I am driving this one.

I told my driver to stop and told him. Ï am coming in front next to you. . He told me its much hotter here as the engine is here. “No problem, we can chat a little, you don’t have to turn your back while driving.”I decided, not to go to visit my friend. I wanted to freshen up . I told him to go to our farm house. There are fruit trees. I thought, I will take bath in our pond. We were going to our farm house where no one lives and the area is very lonely. I check my purse and found that, yes I have the keys to the gate.

He called somebody and I found he is changing the route. Then some unknown man waved his hands to stop. And he stopped the car. He said “He is my uncle , he wants to go with us, I will drop him nearby, can he come in ? He is nice man,. At first I hesitated. The man was very ugly and dark but he looked very strong. I thought for a moment, but as he was his relative, I said okay, but don’t tell anybody that I allowed a stranger in my car. They smiled, “no we won’t’”. He called another person in mobile. Wait for me in the LIC square, Then when he reached LIC square another .

Another man came near our car. He looked at my boobs and said ”so beautiful woman” and then got inside the car. They said where are we going.driver said to farmhouse., we will have fun”. I knew about this plan all along, but pretended as if I don’t know anything. Only driver knew I am aware. The man was not his uncle but a car mechanic he knew and another one was his friend who is very naughty. Before entering the car he inserted his hands inside and felt my boobs. I pinched his hands, get inside, this is not the right place. Then even in the car he got up and tried touch my boobs from behind. After struggling for one inute I let him grope my boobs . He felt my shape and size and was satisfied. “ ” madam aapka choochiyan”,, kya hua meri choochiyon ko. “. “bahut sundar hai aapki Chhoochiyan”. I replied . “Tumne sirf choowan hai dekha kahan”.

We reached the farmhouse. I opened the gate locks and said come in everybody. I locked the door. There are some fruit thieves who cross the boundary wall. I told them to check the area. After 5 minutes they came and said all clear. We went inside the house. We sometimes have party here. I brought some costly wine from the store. These poor people never tasted so much before. I took off my saree and in front of them and went to the pond in my saya and blouse. I dipped inside. I was relaxed from the summer heat. All of them were inside the house. Why they are not coming here to watch me?

I found it difficult to move in saya, so I got up and removed saya and blouse also. I was only in bra and panty. I found they were hiding behind a few trees and were actually watching me. I pretended as if I don’t know about their presence and dried my self with towel. I went inside and wore a blue shiny sleeveless blouse and blue silk saree. I did all I can to look beautiful with my lipstick, shades and perfumes. I called my hubby and informed him I am in my friend’s home so don’t worry if I am late. He doesn’t know which friend I am visiting, he doesn’t wants to know. I behave so nicely in front of my family.

I went under the shades of a tree. They came near me one by one. We sat down and had our lunch which we purchased from a good restaurant in the road. They poured the drinks in a glass. And we started talking. The talking became nasty. My driver wanted to have sex with me but never got any chance before. This was his first chance . as I got up and went in a corner which is not visible from the gate. I let my pallu drop.

He hugged me tightly and we started to roll on the ground. There was deep kissing. He grabbed my blouse and opened it. Then he opened my bra. He kissed my breasts and fondled them. The others joined and started to suck my nipples. I was not pregnant after two years of marriage. They wanted my milk which I didn’t have. I said make me pregnant. You will get milk. I became completely naked. And he opened his pant chain and brought his dick out. He separated my thighs and messaged my vagina. “aapka choot ko main apna lund daloonga, aaj aapko jamke chadunga main”. “aap kitmi gori hain, aapke dono choochiyan kitna sundar aur gol hai, gori gori choochiyan lall ho gaye hain, madamji”.

His erect penis was huge. He pushed his dick inside my pussy. It went half inside. He brought out a little and gave another push, now it was fully inside. Putting his hands over my boobs he went on doing my cunt’s chudai , he had fucked me . it was awesome having sex with my driver. I told him throw your liquid inside me. I felt his warm sperm flowing inside my pussy.

Then the mechanic and the helper whom I knew before cam and asked me love them. I opened their shirt and pants and made them naked. I held their head and forced them on my boobs. They rubbed their dirty mouths over my boobs. I held them as they kissed my boobs hard. They pulled my nipples. I rode over the mechanic and penetrated his dick in my pussy. I did up and down , my breasts were bouncing till we both came together. After half an hour I laid on the grass in doggy style as the helper fucked me.

Others watched my shaking boobs. They tried to pull my boobs and my nipples from sideways. I asked others to do foursome. Driver on my mouth , the helper went down, changing his position from behind. and the mechanic from behind , on my ass. He held my mouth and put his penis inside. It was full of semen and my own vaginal juice. The helper was having difficulty so I fucked him with strength balancing myself after he cummed on my mouth. I stood up to make it easier for both of them .

Now the helper was happy, he kissed my lips and my breasts. Holding both of my breasts he pushed his erect penis inside my cunt. The mechanic meanwhile was unable to hold my breasts , so he pulled my nipples and entered his dick in my pussy alongside the cock the helper. It was a bit painful at first, but I wanted to do this. I was desperate for as much sperm as I could get. The double penetration was going on. My body crushed between two ordinary men. I am a rich woman, and I am having hardcore with poor men. My cunt was filled with their sperm after few minutes. We lied on the ground tired. We went back home. I decided to do this with them again and again. Maybe they will make me pregnant, and finally I can have someone’s baby in my womb.

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Desi Housewife’s adventure with Servant and Driver – Wife Group Sex Stories

Hi, I am Neha. I live in Noida. Some part of this story is true. My husband is from a small town who runs a large business in Noida. I will not mention the exact location. I got married in 2014.

Every year we visit my husband’s home two times. I don’t wear Indian saree, blouse in Noida. But in his home, I have to adjust to traditional Indian housewife dress. His family is the richest family in the area.

The incident happened this year when we visited his home. I was getting bored. I told the family driver to take me to some good places nearby. My father-in-law sent a servant to look after me. The driver and servant were younger than me.

The car left the locality and after few minutes they drove towards a lonely area. He stopped near the river. There was no home nearby, but the location was beautiful. There was fresh air. I was trying to click some pictures, and the wind blew my saree. My cleavage was exposed to them. I was wearing a sleeveless blouse. I suddenly realized that I forgot to wear a bra as I was at the home. The blouse was light orange and they could have seen my nipples.

The driver went inside the vehicle and started playing a local song filled with sexual language. They asked me to let’s dance to this song. They took off their clothes and went waist deep in the river. They asked me to join them. I said I don’t take bath in public place and I don’t have any extra clothes.

The servant replied, I have a towel, you can come here naked and your clothes will not get wet. “Why should I get naked in front of you people”.

Malkin, there is nobody here and we won’t tell anybody. I want to see you naked. “No, I won’t do that”. They came to the surface and pulled me near the river, come on it will be fun. The driver dropped my pallu and both looked at my breasts. They were trying to measure the size and shape of my breasts with their eyes. They are holding my hands. I was feeling so embarrassed, but there was no one else to see this.

Then I saw that very far away a village woman was collecting woods. They left me and wore their pants. After five minutes she went back and disappeared. Now again the two guys came near me. I was speaking on my cellphone and after ending the call, the servant grabbed my breasts from behind over my blouse. I removed his hands. I went inside the car. They sat next to me on two sides. They put my hand on their erect dicks.

The driver rubbed my thighs and then his hands reached my stomach and tried to cup my right breast from below. I pulled his hand down without saying anything. I was not even looking at them as if they don’t exist. The servant grabbed my left breast directly and squeezed my boob. When I tried to push his hand, the driver grabbed my right breast and pushed his finger on the nipple and gently brushed the nipple’s upper part with his finger. I tried to remove their hands but this time, they held my hands.
I gave myself away, as I was enjoying everything from the beginning. They knew as I smiled at them when they were trying to seduce me outside. It was only a matter of time when their malkin will become their woman.

I closed my eyes as they opened my blouse buttons. My round beautiful breasts were revealed to my servants. Both sucked on my nipples gently. The servant boy was so hungry. He kissed sucked my breasts hard. Then the driver fondled my boobs with his rough hands. He kissed me. The kiss was making me more submissive. They took me outside and I removed every clothes from the body. They hugged me from two sides.
The driver pushed me on the car window and inserted his dick in my vagina. Now, I am going to have sex with my driver. I lied on the grass. Our two naked bodies became one. He was fucking me now. The servant asked him to finish quickly, but he was enjoying me. Our malkin will go away after few days. We will not get this chance again. I will enjoy my owner’s wife.
The driver filled my pussy with his sperm after fucking me for minutes. I sat naked and the servant before me. The servant pulled my nipples. The driver told him “malkin ki choochiyan ko kas ke daba”.

I asked the driver to bring some food from the car. He started to while the servant was playing with my boobs. His erection was lost, when the driver was fucking me. I wore my clothes again.

Then I took off my saree, I removed my saya. I cupped my breasts before him and the driver started singing the vulgar lines. “malkin ki choochiyon men bhara hai das litre doodh”. “aaj malkin tujhe saari raat apni doodh pilaegi”

As I opened my blouse slowly, he got his erection back seeing my breasts again. Now he was ready to fuck me. I was over him. I positioned myself and inserted his penis into my vagina. In one push his dick got inside. He did as I expected and grabbed my shaking breasts. He pressed my breasts as I moaned and fucked him. He held my nipples and pressed them with his fingers. We came and he lied to me changing position. Then he ejaculated inside my vagina.

We went back home after cleaning ourselves. I fucked them at home before saying goodbye.

I reached Noida with many sexual desires. I also had sex with my other driver and watchman in Noida. I did that in my own bedroom.

After few months we came to the same spot. Now there was winter. They checked the softness of my boobs and said your breast size has increased. They were happy that now my breasts have breast-milk. They wanted to drink my doodh. They thought they were the father of my baby.

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Desi Wife Sneha gets gangbanged – Hindi sex stories

Read this amazing story of how Sneha got gangbanged by many men and Muslims too! – Hindi Sex stories

After her first hardcore gangbang with me and my friends all of us fucked Sneha couple more times, though never all together. And I was the common factor in all those sessions. Once when I was returning to Mumbai from Bangalore I thought why not take this bitch with me to Mumbai and have more fun. So, we planned to go together, she would stay for couple weeks and return. I was sure this was going to be more fun than what I have had till now. We left on a Thursday evening in my car. As we were out of city limits I pulled Sneha to my crotch and pushed her face on to it. She immediately got to work. She unzipped me and took my soft cock into her mouth and started sucking like the whore she had become. Fifteen to twenty minutes of that heavenly mouth and I was cumming into her mouth. She gladly swallowed every drop and sucked me clean. She put my dick back in my shorts and sat back in her seat.

As we went on with the journey I wanted to try more things with her. So, I took her boobs out of her shirt and started pressing them with my left hand. Then came the idea that made our journey the most memorable one. I asked her to keep her boobs out and flash for the truck drivers passing by. She had no qualms and rolled down the window and put her beautiful mounds out for display. I made sure to slow down my car to a speed lower than the trucks so that each passing truck would get an eyeful of the beauties on display. I could see the men staring at her like their eyes would almost pop out of the sockets. There were at least 10-12 trucks that passed by before we stopped at a dhaba for supper. When I parked my car and came to the dining area I saw what was pretty much expected. About six of the truck drivers who had seen her had also stopped there, along with their cleaners, all already drunk and by the looks of it talking about the whore who was showing boobs on the road. As we went to occupy our table I could see Sneha ogling at the crowd and getting excited. I was sure she was thinking what I was. As I looked on at the crowd, one of the helpers, probably about 14-15 years of age looked at us and couldn’t take his eyes off the beauty sitting with me.

I signalled him to come over to our table and he immediately was standing in front of me staring shamelessly at Sneha. I asked him if he liked what he saw on the road and he said hell yes. I told him to go ask the others if they all wanted to see more. If they did want they should come to the back of the dhaba in half hour. When the boy went back and conveyed the message to the group they could hardly believe what they heard and they all looked at our table. I just put my hands around my bitch and held out both the boobs over her shirt and squeezed them. Sneha gave a low moan and her trademark seductive smile. The next half hour passed painfully slow as we finished our supper and went behind the dhaba to wait for the men to arrive. After we reached I wanted to ask Sneha if she knew what she was getting into and if she’s ready, but by then the group was already there. Almost everybody with beer in hand looking like they would eat her up tonight. Almost all were physically well built except for the two muslims who could hardly be 15. But they did look big for their age too. There were a total of 10 lust filled cocks straining to get out and fill Sneha in all her holes!

They all watched without batting an eye lid as I put my hands up my whore’s shirt and played with her boobs. She pressed her ass on to my dick and started licking her lips making moaning sounds looking at each and every man in the eyes before checking his crotch. I now slowly raised her shirt up and above her boobs and took it off. The men liked what they saw as they started whistling and even calling her a perfect whore. It appeared like she was in too much heat as she couldn’t wait for me to take off her skirt and pulled it down in no time showing the men probably their first shaved cunt. I put my hand around her pussy pressing her flowing hole hard and told her in the ear “Tonight you have all the fun you want, tomorrow I have bigger plans!” and pinched her nipples as I pushed her towards the men.

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(continued from last post)

I could see the disbelief in the men’s eyes when I left her there naked for them and sat on a chair watching who would take her first. Then again, Sneha wasn’t as patient. She looked over to the bulkiest looking man, as dark as charcoal, with scars on his face and motioned him over to come to her with her finger and seductively started sucking that finger. And it all started! The bulky man was in front of her in two brisk movements of his legs and straight away started mauling her boobs. The way he was handling her, it was pretty obvious that this was the first time he had gotten such a beauty! He was squeezing and pinching her boobs and nipples for all their worth as she pulled his face to him and straight away put her tongue in his mouth. This seemed to have an interesting effect on the others as they all started moving towards where the action was taking place. About 6 men surrounded her and were kneading and pinching every inch of her body. They could see her juices starting to drip from her pussy and on to her thighs.

As Sneha was still kissing the first truck driver another came from behind and put first one and then two fingers in her pussy and started working her hard. She started humping back on his fingers and was bucking and shaking in no time with orgasmic pleasure. She couldn’t take it much longer and went on her knees. She ripped off the lungi on the driver she was kissing in one swift motion and exposed his hard as a rock cock. He was exceptionally long, about 10 inches and Sneha loved it. She turned around to see 5 more cocks, all hard, staring at her only inches from her face. She didn’t waste any time on words and went straight for the longest one in front of her and took as much as she could in her mouth. The driver was in a trance as he started calling her the best cocksucker and the best whore. I chipped in telling the guys how much she loves being hit while getting fucked. And that was the trigger. The man with his dick up Sneha’s mouth(whose name I later found to be Ahmed) pulled her face completely into his huge cock with her nose buried inside his pubic hair and slapped her across her face. Two men sucking and biting her nipples almost like they were about to bite chucks of flesh off her. One went to her pussy and clamped his mouth on it. She suddenly shuddered and started cumming hard with one dick in her mouth and two in her hands wanking.

She had spittle running down her mouth on to her boobs. Every man looked like he was going to have his full share of my bitch tonight. The one whom Sneha was wanking with her left hand held her hair and pulled her off Ahmed’s dick and fed his in. He was exceptionally thick. He was about 7-8 inches in length but was almost as wide as a soda can and Sneha could hardly put her mouth around his head. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer and shoved inside her with full force. I thought he might have torn her mouth but my bitch was better than that. She got into the rhythm in no time and started deepthroating him taking all of him in her mouth. She gagged with every stroke and more saliva coated her tits and chin. She sucked on all three dicks and their ball sacks for about half hour before she got her first reward. A prize she so well deserved. It all happened at once. The two teenagers who were mute spectators till then got on either side of her and slapped her on both her cheeks together. At about the same time Ahmed rammed his cock up Sneha’s cunt with no warning and the fattest cock she was sucking started cumming in her throat to coincide with the two. Sneha lost count of the orgasms she had as she squirted over and over again lubing Ahmed’s cock for more rough pounding. Ahmed got hold of both her breasts and started ramming into her with full force as Sneha just submitted herself to the assault. Fatcock sprayed her mouth full of cum and continued to paint her face full of his white sticky fluid. Both the muslims men continued slapping her on her cum filled cheeks making the scene more erotic. As fatcock sat back the next one in line went straight for Sneha’s throat and buried her nose in his filthy smelling pubic hair.

He didn’t let her breathe as she tried her best to push him away from her mouth. Sneha was breathless and gripped her pussy on Ahmed’s cock like a vice and took him to pleasures he hadn’t seen before. And that was all he could take as he pulled on Sneha’s hair with all his might and buried his cock as deep as he could in her pussy and started filling her with his dirty baby making seeds. Ahmed pulling her hair gave Sneha some room for breath as she gasped for whatever air she could get before she was fucked mercilessly again in her mouth. Now two more dirty looking men with yellow teeth at least in their 50s moved down towards her pussy and started slapping her cum dripping hole. She started squealing again and got hold of the last open dick with her hand and sucked on the one in her mouth. Both the old men who approached her pussy had nice long 8 inches cocks but one especially had it so thick that it was almost 3 inches around! The leaner one slept on the ground and dragged Sneha on to his cock and buried it in her pussy to the hilt in one rough motion. Before she could realize it the fat old one also buried his cock up her cunt alongside the other cock already in her pussy. Though she has had big cock sex quite a few times this was big for her. His cock head popped in and she was very tight.

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(continued from last post)

He began slapping her face saying how nice and tight her cunt was and how they were going to loosen it up. He then gave 2-3 slow strokes and then held her hair and in one hard push both men buried their cocks up her hole. She screamed so hard that I thought people from the front would come and would cause a scene. But then immediately the Muslim man took care of it by burying his cock up her mouth and slapping her hard. He was fucking her face so hard and fast and slapping her the same time while her cunt was fully plugged and pounded as hard by two cocks at the same time. She was cumming continuously as her ass cheeks started turning blue from red from the mauling they were getting. As Sneha was having her umpteenth orgasm both the old men came inside her pussy filling her with more sticky white fluid. Cum was now running down her thighs upto her knees and down. Both then withdrew their spent cocks from her and rubbed it on her ass and thighs and sat back. Then the other muslim man came up to the one in Sneha’s mouth and said “Rahim gimme this slut’s mouth for a while. You go take care of her cunt.” Rahim promptly pulled out from her mouth spat on her face and slapped her a couple more times and went behind her. Salim ordered her to get into doggy position which Sneha did. He held her face in his hand spat on her couple times.

Her face was so full of dry cum and spit and slap and bite marks. Both the muslim men then fucked her mouth and pussy for about an hour and she continued being a cum dump for till morning. It was about four in the morning by the time everyone was spent and my Sneha had about an inch thick of cum and spit and who knows what all over her body. I asked her to go clean herself up so we could go to Mumbai and have “actual” fun!

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Desi wife breast feeds a dirty beggar

My name is Poornima Satpal. I am 27 years old married housewife. I have a two year old son who is still breastfeeding. My husband is a pilot. Most of the time he is out of the city.
I live with my In laws. Some times I have to stay alone in my house. At that time my father-in-law brought an old servant from his village. He was sixty years old and bald with dark brown complexion. I used to dress decently in front of everybody. The servant whom I call Narayan kaka seemed to be a decent man. Hindi Sex stories.

One night I was awake due to some sound. It was one o clock in the night. I found the sound was coming from our servant’s room . I peeped through the window after coming outside my house. We had a garden behind our house with a tall boundary wall. At one end there was the servant’s room. You are reading this story on When I looked inside I was stunned to see my husband’s elder brother’s wife in bra and saree hugging and kissing narayan . he pressed her breasts from outside and she smiled.

He told her. “ if I could get your devrani then it would be fun”. She got angry , I have bigger breasts than her, Don’t talk about her in front of me. He replied “ so what , she breastfeeds her baby, she has breastmilk, which you don’t have , if I ever find her alone then I am going to fuck her hard and drink all her breast milk”

I couldn’t believe this old man talking rubbish. I went back to my room and slept. Next day I tried to be normal but it was difficult. I decided to stop breastfeeding my son and force him to eat like a grown up not just chocolates and junk food. My husband also wanted to teach him to quit breast feeding. After two weeks everybody left for a marriage party and I was all alone that afternoon .

Narayan was washing clothes in the bathroom. I wore a black sleeveless blouse and a saya and moved around the house. When he saw me he just couldn’t control himself. He was confused what to do. You are reading this story on He kept staring at me chest and my belly button. I told him “ why are you staring at me, don’t you have any work to do Kakaji?” He said “ bahurani, you are so beautiful woman , If you dress in such a slutty way like a raandi then I cant control myself.” I told “ don’t look at me , just leave me alone.”. He said “ your arms are so white, your stomach and exposed skin is so fair.”

He took off his clothes and became naked. Then I saw his erect penis for the first time. It was dark and nine inches long. I just couldn’t sit still. He came in front of me “don’t you want my dick bahurani?”

I went out of control. I am holding the head of the old man and pressed them on my boobs. He hugged me tightly and my breasts pressed against his chest. I moved my chest and rubbed his face all over my blouse. Then I opened my blouse and my breasts were out in front of him . he wanted to drink my milk. But I pushed him on the floor and lifted my petticoat , then I positioned my vagina over him and pushed myself downward. His dick went inside me. With my hands holding my breasts I did up and down. My breasts were shaking. After five minutes we both came in the same time , my pussy juice mixed with his sperm and I lied down tired. He kissed me all over my body.

That night we had a foursome sex with our driver and my jethani. Nobody found out as we drugged them so that they wont be awake before 7 am in the morning no matter what happens. In one night the driver fucked me two times and the servant one time but this time Buddha couldn’t bring semen from his dick after he filled my jethani’s mouth with his load.

Things were going fine. The temperature was increasing due to summer condition in North India. Once I had to spent all day only with my jethani and son. At hot afternoon somebody rang the calling bell. I saw an old beggar with no proper clothes outside our gate. I told him to go away as I knew if I give him some money then he will come regularly. He asked for a glass of water. I looked outside. The streets were empty and every house had closed windows.

I went inside and told my jethani whose name is Sunita, the beggar is not going away he wants water I cant go near the gate . she told me why don’t you breastfeed the beggar. I told her “ what! Are you crazy” and I pinched her nipples hard. She screamed and smiled “few days ago you never thought you would fuck our servant and driver like me” now you are regularly having sex with them without behind your husband’s back”. “ come on it will be a funny sex scene, and a new experience for you, just try for a while”. The beggar is so thin and old, what if he dies during sex? I wondered in my mind.

I came out in bra and panty with a glass of water and opened the small window of our gate and gave him the glass. He stared at me shocked. I told him to drink. He started drinking and I lowered my left bra strapand exposed my left breast completely to him. He told me dress properly.I told him “the weather is so hot. Look outside, the streets are empty, everyone has closed their windows to avoid extreme hot. I cant dress more” .
I asked him to come inside for food. We gave him some clothes and made him take a bath in our private bathroom. You are reading this story on My son was sleeping in the A.C. room. He got cleaned and had good meal. While serving him food I brought my chest close to his mouth then I became completely naked and just brought my chest in front of him. At last he got the courage to touch my breasts. He sucked my left breast and as he had no teeth I felt tickling on my nipples as he bit them gently. He milked my breast with his mouth.I had lactating breasts and he sucked milk from my nipple.

Then he sucked my right breast and got milk. I saw milk drops coming out of my nipple.
Sunita bhabhi couldn’t resist the fun and opened her blouse and bra and asked him to kiss her breasts. After kissing her breasts just above her nipples he wanted to come back to me so we let him suck on my nipples and he eagerly drank my free flowing breast milk.

Now bhabhi tell me to undress the old beggar completely. We were happy to see he he had large cock and balls but he was only semi hard. The old man played with my full nude body, feeling my large breasts and buttocks and fingering my wet cunt. I got on my knees and sucked the beggar's cock to get it hard as I wanted to get fucked very much.

Soon he got erection and Sunita bhabhi told him to lie on back and then ordered me to sit on top and take the old beggar's cock in my cunt. He was to my surprise very hard and I had a good fuck bouncing up and down on his penis. He did not last long and in just over a minute he came hard and released his sperms inside my womb.

He was so old that he was not capable of erection a second time. We called our husband’s to come home immediately as we were unable to satisfy ourselves.

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Desi wife’s gangbang in Mumbai locals

I come from a small town. Soon after marriage we had to come to Mumbai. We lived at Thane and Husband’s (Sudhir) office was at VT. One holiday we set out for site seeing in a local train. The train was very crowded. He told me to just get into and in case we separate, I should get down at VT and wait for him at the platform. Else, I could return home, without worrying much. As feared, immediately upon entering I lost track of him. It was so crowded, there was no place to move. Somehow I stood against a wall with people pressing hard against me from all sides except the wall. There was hardly any thing I could do. The train was running and suddenly I felt that the pressure on my left breast was not normal. I could feel someone was deliberately pressing my breast and rubbing against it. But I could not move. Hindi sex stories

I looked and found one man had the back of his palm on my breast and he was slowly rubbing it. I looked into his eyes and he gave a shameless smile. I was scared and did not know what to do. He took advantage of my predicament and turned his palm towards my breast. Now my breast was in his palm and he could press it much more easily. I was helplessly watching.

He removed his hand and I felt relived, but found that he was inserting his hand inside my anchal and reached my breast again, this time directly on the blouse. My breathing almost stopped. Now he was squeezing the boob without any fear of someone seeing what he was doing and I still could not do anything. Then I felt another hand also entering my anchal and grabbing my other breast. But this man’s other hand was holding the train’s rod for support! So….. someone else was holding my other breast……. Both of them kept pressing and playing with my breasts under the anchal and then they slowly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled the bra up, taking hold of my naked breast. They began pinching my nipples and pressing and sqeezing the boobs as they like. There was nothing I could do and in fact I too began enjoying it a little bit.

My pussy became a little wet, and I was aroused. I felt that my hand was against one person’s zip. And I felt the hardness there. I was losing control on myself and began enjoying the feel of his hardness. This time when he pressed my boob, I also turned my hand and held his cock in my palm and began stroking slowly. He was very quick. He unzipped his pant and took out the cock, giving it directly in my hand. It was very big and hot. I moved my finger all over the length to get a feel of how big it was and then tried to hold the mushroom head in my fist.

It was very very exciting and now I wanted them to sqeeze my boobs even more strongly. I found another cock in my other hand, and could not resist the temptation of doing the same things to this one also. But this cock was not so big. It was also bent a little upwards. I kept stroking the two cocks while both my breasts were being massaged by two strangers, in a very crowded running local train. And then the ultimate happened. I felt another hand slowly trying to pull my saree up and feel my thighs. He reached my thighs and I as if under a spell, spread my legs a little to let him move further up along my inside thighs.

I was in a terrible condition! The hand had almost reached my pussy and was stroking over it and I wanted him to get a little harder and go inside. Soon another hand from the other side also joined and two hands were roaming my thighs and pussy. I was in such a state that if they stripped me completely and began fucking me, I would have readily agreed to help them without worrying about the crowd and my husband who was also in the same compartment, somewhere else.

I tried to rub the cocks against my body, but they were tall and the cock came against my saree. Touching any where my body was not possible, but they were pushing the cocks hard over the saree and to my stomach. I wished if I could rub these cocks against my breasts and kiss them, but that was not possible. I left the big cock and brought my hand to my nose to get a feel of the smell of this huge cock and enjoyed the pungent aroma. I again reached for his cock and began stroking. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the fingers in and out of my pussy. I was also enjoying playing with this man’s huge cock and was very seriously thinking of somehow inviting him to my house for fully enjoying his cock.

I finally gathered courage and was about to whisper him my invitation, when suddenly the guys pulled their cocks and pushed them in their zips. I got a shock. The others also pulled their hands out of my anchal and pussy and I was almost thrown out of a very wonderful experience. Then I realized some station was coming and people were getting ready to get down. No one bothered to pull back my bra or button my blouse, though the boobs were covered under the anchal.

The station came and a big crowd began disembarking, somehow I also got pushed down and out of the train. In the stampede, my anchal got pulled down and my naked breasts became free for all to see. I quickly covered them again under the anchal. It was not VT, but Dadar. I did not have to get down here. But before I could even think of getting back into the train, the train started. Suddenly the guys who had been enjoying my body in side the train, surrounded me and said Chal darling, we have a p[lace here. I said I had to get back into the train as my husband was there, but they laughed and said arrey, hum itne sare husband hain na! fikr kyoon karti hai, sham ko uske pas chalee jana!

One of them caught my hand and I moved after him like a real wife! They came out of the station and took a taxi. I sat and on both sides one man sat. Another one sat on the front seat. They told the driver some place’s name and the taxi moved. Both the men this time just pulled the anchal down and each one took one boob in his mouth. With the other free hand they removed my blouse and bra completely. The taxi driver suddenly turned around and said, hey what are you doing? But no one cared. At the next traffic signal, the driver too moved his hand to back side and pushing one man’s head, grabbed my boob. All of them laughed. 

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(continued from last post)

The taxi soon reached a market where only a few shops were open. Few young men stood outside a closed shop. The men came out and holding my hand pulled me out too. I was not able to cover my boobs again and when I came out, the anchal was trailing on the ground and my boobs were open. The boys outside the shop were staring at me in disbelief. The men went ahead to open a closed shop and I began pulling my anchal to cover me when another taxi came and in this one the man with the big cock and two more men came.

They began moving to the shop holding my hand when one of the boys said, Raju bhaiya, upar wala to dekh liya, jara neeche wala bhi to dikhla do. The man gave a hearty laugh. Two of these men just lifted me, each holding a thigh and supporting my back. They pulled the saree and the petticoat and panty in one stroke and made me absolutely naked in the open street. Now with the legs spread wide open, they took me very near to the boys and said, le, apni janmabhoomi dekh le jee bhar ke.

I could imagine- with my legs wide spread the pussy must be open showing them the pink. They were excited and one of them touched my clitoris. These men said, pura tamasha dekhna hai to under aa ja!, and holding me like that, they took me in to the shop. I had once again lost all shame and all inhibition and had begun enjoying the game. Particularly, I thought I had fallen in love with this man with the huge cock- Raju Bhaiya, and wanted him to screw me, even if in front of all these people or on the street.

The shop had almost nothing- just a large mattress on the ground and few files and papers in the shelves. They laid me on the mattress and almost irruption me from all sides. I do not know how many were they. Three had come with me, three in the other taxi, three boys, and probably the taxi drivers had also come in. They were kissing my boobs, touching my vagina and some one took the cock out rubbing against my belly. One of them came towards my head – he was completely naked- and dangled his cock over my face.

I kissed it and he pushed it deeper into my mouth. Soon there were cocks all over my body rubbing on boobs, belly, thighs, hands. Someone spread my legs to get a better view of my vagina, but the I felt him licking my cunt. We were all having real fun when I thought where is my love? I could not get the feel of his big cock any where. I somehow raised my head to look around and found him sitting on a chair with a bottle of beer. He was fully clothed. I pushed every one away and went to him and sat in his lap. Pulled one of his hands over my breast and asked, Have you become angry with me darling? And began kissing him on his face.

He held me very lovingly, sqeezed my breast with his right hand and began kissing me on my lips, pushing his tongue in and out of my mouth. Then he said, Darling, I am too big! You first enjoy these and then, when you are ready, you will have me! I pulled his zip and reaching inside, caught hold of his penis and pulled it out- atleast let me suck it and feel it on me! The cock grew manifold! It was really huge. I kneeled in front of him and began licking the enormous cock. I tried to take the mushroom in my mouth but it was too big. I rubbed it on my boobs.

Got up again, and rubbed on my pussy! Every one was watching keenly. Then one of them caught me by the breast and said, hey bitch, First you have to satisfy all of us and then only you can have him! I laughed and said to Raju, For you I am ready even after a hundred men have fucked me! But you must be the first to fuck me today. I promise I will not say no to any one after this for whatever they do to me!Raju laughed and made me kneel down before him and then pushed his enormous cock into my mouth. I don’t know how it entered my mouth, but he began stroking and I was choking while still enjoying! I felt his cock with my hand- it was still more than half out side my mouth when the tip almost entered my throat.

After a few strokes, he made me kneel like a bitch and entered my pussy from behind. While he was fucking me like this, two more men dangled their cocks in front of my face and I happily obliged them by taking in my mouth one by one. Raju pushed his finger inside my ass and was stroking it while fucking my pussy. Then he took out the cock and placed it on my ass. I thought it was the end of my life. Such a huge cock in the ass would tear me apart and I will never be able to have sex in my life. But he was very gentle. I don’t how he did it, but with very slow movements and very patiently he finally managed to push the whole cock inside.

Every one was watching in pindrop silence, expecting me to get torn any moment. But as soon as he pushed the whole giant inside they all began clapping! One of them commented, ye to Sali randiyon ko bhi maat de rahi hai! Raju gave several long strokes and finally pulled out and coming in the front asked me to open the mouth. I again started sucking his cock, but he soon exploded I kept my mouth open to welcome his every drop of cum and drank all of it and finally licked the cock clean.

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(continued from last post)

Now You can have me dear- I turned to the spectators.
They pushed me on the mattress again and once again I had cocks all over. I did not know who was entering where. They were taking turns in exploring each of my holes without releasing themselves. But I was getting continuous pounding in each hole. As soon as one vacated a hole, another one pushed his tool in. Atlast one of them began cumming in my ass. His strokes became slow, ensuring that each drop of his cum was pushed deep inside my intestines. And then all of them one after another began cumming. Three men came in my ass. Two on may face, one on the boobs and one over the pussy and belly. Two cocks were still in my hands and I was masturbating for them. As the hole got empty, I invited them- come, now wherever you want – all holes are free now. But they just brought their cocks closer to my boobs and asked me to continue stroking, as they too were about to cum.

Suddenly they too exploded . My boobs, underarms, neck face, every thing was now drenched in cum. All of them were satisfied. I got up and asked, where can I wash myself, to which all became silent. There was no water and not even towels! One of them said, yaar aise he pahan le, thodi der aur hamare virya ka maja milta rahega! I had no options. On my body fully drenched with cum, I put on the bra, panty, and all other clothes which became wet with this cum. Raju said, now I will drop you to your home- just decide what you want to tell your husband!

While returning the train was empty. We got place to sit and I began reminiscing and enjoying again all that had happened. I wanted to do this again! Reaching home I found my husband was anxiously waiting for me and asked where I had been. I said I got pushed out at Dadar and did not know what to do then this gentlemen Raju offered to take me home. He thanked Raju. He asked me how had got those stains all over my clothes. The clothes had dried while travelling back to Thane, and stains of cum were now visible. I said there was a fisher woman who dropped her whole merchandise on me! Raju smiled. Said, let me make some tea for Raju Bhaiya! I went into the kitchen and hid the sugar box and shouted, hey we have run out of sugar- can you get some from the market! Sudhir agreed and went out immediately.

I ran again into the lap of Raju and said, See he will take not less than fifteen minutes! Please do it once again! Since time was limited, I just pulled out my panty and unzipped his pant and began sucking the cock. He was hard in no time I sat in his lap slowly sliding the cock once again into my pussy. He said, what if you become pregnant? I knew it was not the time of month so told him, I will be happy to get pregnant from you, but promise, I will get this little bastard also to fuck me atleast once! – He will be a mother fucker!!! Raju was excited to hear my dirty talk and we had a wonderful fucking and almost as he came, Sudhir also came back. I pulled the panty back but the cum was trickling from my pussy,

I made tea for Sudhir and Raju with Raju's cum still dripping from my pussy and creating warm moist spot on my panties. We all sat and enjoyed talking and taking tea together for long time. Raju was very polite and acted like big brother only and Sudhir trusted him as such.

Sudhir kept on thanking Raju for his help and we both kept smiling. When he was leaving, Sudhir said, please consider it your own home - I am away for office work often for days at a time and I will be happy if you come over once in a while to check on her and give her some company. So, please come whenever you like, isnt it so dear? ! I agreed with Sudhir and said that our front entrance would always be wide open for him placing my hand over my wet pussy area with a naughty smile on my face!

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